About Us

Before and After Farms is a small, family-owned business located in Woodbridge, Connecticut.  The business is owned and operated by Phoebe and Matt Browning. Their two sons A.J. and Beau are very active on the farm, as well. Before and After Farms provides locally raised and nitrate-free pork products to restaurants and consumers.  Before and After Farms contains two main brands from which customers can choose.

Before and After Farms has branded their fresh and frozen pork with their new farm logo, and can be easily identified by chefs and patrons at local restaurants.

Oui Charcuterie, a growing brand within the company, produces artisan cured salami as a value-added product line, which is made from the farms’ high-quality pork. This is a nitrate-free product, which is almost unheard of within the cured meats industry, setting Oui apart from the competitors.

Matt and Phoebe have big plans for the future! They plan to offer workshops at their farm, increase their pork production, and to add many more farm parties to their events page.